More Reasons Why Rental Companies are Afraid of Teen Drivers

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Speedy cars are not recommended for young drivers. That’s rather bad idea! Seriously, speedy driving is one of the most popular factors that cause a car accident. Young drivers can be characterized as hot and speedy! If you are a speedster, you can’t rent a car or limit your speed. There are special speed limits for teens to protect cars and drivers from accidents. Also, it is recommended to use safety belts! It’s not that you are a bad driver! You are teen driver and don’t have enough experience.

Texting and Phone Calls

Everybody knows that it is not recommended to speak by phone and drive a car. Also, it is dangerous to text to somebody and use mobile apps when you are driving. Psychology says that young people depend on their gadgets. They are always afraid to miss something important. That’s why every time they hear a messenger signal they try to answer right now and right here! You must be always in the swim of things. But it can cost you your life! If you feel you can’t control yourself, just turn off your phone when driving. Everything that distracts you from driving is dangerous.

Stress and Fatigue

Stress is a common condition and part of everyday life, study, work. Teenagers face with stress situations very often. It can be anything. You are going to pass exams, preparing for the test, or having sport competitions. Sleepless night, fatigue make you to forget you driving skills. If you feel like you’d better sleep than drive, don’t ride your car today. So, planning a long road trip, it is better to have an extra driver in your car to change places when it is needed.


Lack of Experience

Practice rocks! It is not a secret that young drivers usually do many different mistakes. It takes time to improve in driving. Experience is the best teacher and rental companies know that. They give you a chance to pick a car, but not the most expensive one to minimize their risks to get is back crashed or damaged.

There are many distractions on the road than take your attention and cause serious problems. If you are a young driver and feel like you are ready to rent a car and drive it to another state or country on your own, do it! Just learn safety rules and requirements on the site of your rental company. Don’t be surprised that additional fee is required. Also, don’t be confused with the car choice. It is not as big as you want but still you can pick a good and safe car for your journey. You know the reason WHY!