WHY Pay Young Driver Fee? TOP Road Distraction You Should Stay Away From

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Renting car is not a problem in our days. If you are young and adventurous, you can take a speedy car for rent and go to explore the world. Of course, if you are not too young. It’s not a secret that car rental underage meets many different restrictions.

Read more about risks in our next article.

Thus, you have to pay some extra fee on pick up. WHY? It’s all about risks. It is recognized that under 21 drivers are not experienced. Rental companies take that fee to cover their possible risks from teen drivers. Also, there is a list of cars that are not allowed to pick for teens.

WHY? Rental companies are smart enough to minimize their risks and save the cars of lux category from being crashed. But what are they, recommendations about the teen cars.

They are mostly based on four criteria:

  1. Young drivers should watch out for high speed cars and horse power. Limit is needed.
  2. Heavy and big cars are preferable. No minicars or small cars! They cannot protect you.
  3. Electronic Stability Control in the car is a must. It helps to control the vehicle when the road is bad.
  4. Safety is the main thing. Vehicles for teens MUST HAVE the best and highest safety rates.

Teen fastening seat belt


When teens finally get their driving licence it is time to celebrate. Nevertheless, young drivers are new and inexperienced drivers. The risk of car accidents is high when the driver is under 21. Sometimes, the road is dangerous even for experienced drivers. People are always in a hurry. They drive, speak by phone, eat, drink, do make up. There are so many different irritants on the road! The most dangerous of them are:


Are you going to travel in a big company? You are risking to have a car accident when you are teen and have more than one teen passenger in the car. Teens are usually unpredictable creatures. They talk, laugh, have fun in the car. They don’t even watch the road! Rental companies refer to the state law about underage driving. Be careful! There are many countries where teen drivers are allowed to drive a car with adults only for the first six months after they got a driving licence. Such a law!