Fabulous Las Vegas: 4 Cheap But Amazing Sights to Visit


(photo by sexy Abril reyes)

Las Vegas is a fairy tale city, offering an incredible amount of entertainments, and just great places for travelers. Enchanting shows, exciting extreme attractions, the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and the Death Valley – this is only a short list of what fabulous Las Vegas can provide for you. Later, I’ve found even more such places.

However, many tourists wonder how ordinary people can relax there, since everything is very expensive in Las Vegas? Fortunately, we’ve found some interesting and affordable places to visit there. Rent a car from Enterprise at Las Vegas Airport to get to them on your own, and with minimal cost.

Death Valley National Park

Despite the fact that the park valley is the most unique place in Nevada, quite a large number of travelers simply ignore the hikes to the territory of the national park. Death Valley covers the area of ​​about 14 thousand square kilometers, and is considered to be the hottest point of the western hemisphere. In addition, it’s also the lowest point, which is often called a hot frying pan, because the valley is heated to over 50°C.

Devil's Racetrack, Death Valley National Park, California

The territory is surrounded by mountains, so a large number of birds and reptiles live there, as well as some mammal species that have managed to adapt in such hot climatic conditions.

Tourists have an amazing opportunity to visit this place, to see all its bizarre animals along with unique plant species, most of which are endemic, and can be found only there. You will be able to see how the Timbisha Indians live, because they not only managed to survive in such heat, but also grow vegetables and engage in cattle breeding, which is simply amazing. Do you want to see living stones that can move along the bottom of a dried lake? Then this place is for you.

The national park is also a very mysterious place, because in its territory you’ll find even ghost towns that are extinct after the gold rush.

Admission: $20/car

Address: California Highway 190, Death Valley National Park, CA

Opening hours: daily 8am-5pm


Hoover Dam

This is truly amazing, very large-scale construction with the height of 221 meters. Hoover Dam is located on the border of California and Nevada. Initially, the project was planned to be called Dam Boulder, but after the dam became a crossing over the Black Canyon, it was named the Hoover Dam, in honor of the current president. It was after this that the Americans began to call almost all large objects by the names of the presidents acting at the time of construction.

Hoover Dam

At the beginning of the erecting it was planned to build there an ordinary dam, which would produce electricity. But later, it was demanded that the dam should be built in an Art Deco style. Thus, today you’ll see there the clock tower, and tourists can visit the dam for free.

Admission: free of charge.

Address: 1305, Arizona Street Boulder City

Opening hours: daily 9am-6pm