WHY Pay Young Driver Fee? TOP Road Distraction You Should Stay Away From

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Renting car is not a problem in our days. If you are young and adventurous, you can take a speedy car for rent and go to explore the world. Of course, if you are not too young. It’s not a secret that car rental underage meets many different restrictions.

Read more about risks in our next article.

Thus, you have to pay some extra fee on pick up. WHY? It’s all about risks. It is recognized that under 21 drivers are not experienced. Rental companies take that fee to cover their possible risks from teen drivers. Also, there is a list of cars that are not allowed to pick for teens.

WHY? Rental companies are smart enough to minimize their risks and save the cars of lux category from being crashed. But what are they, recommendations about the teen cars.

They are mostly based on four criteria:

  1. Young drivers should watch out for high speed cars and horse power. Limit is needed.
  2. Heavy and big cars are preferable. No minicars or small cars! They cannot protect you.
  3. Electronic Stability Control in the car is a must. It helps to control the vehicle when the road is bad.
  4. Safety is the main thing. Vehicles for teens MUST HAVE the best and highest safety rates.

Teen fastening seat belt



When teens finally get their driving licence it is time to celebrate. Nevertheless, young drivers are new and inexperienced drivers. The risk of car accidents is high when the driver is under 21. Sometimes, the road is dangerous even for experienced drivers. People are always in a hurry. They drive, speak by phone, eat, drink, do make up. There are so many different irritants on the road! The most dangerous of them are:


Are you going to travel in a big company? You are risking to have a car accident when you are teen and have more than one teen passenger in the car. Teens are usually unpredictable creatures. They talk, laugh, have fun in the car. They don’t even watch the road! Rental companies refer to the state law about underage driving. Be careful! There are many countries where teen drivers are allowed to drive a car with adults only for the first six months after they got a driving licence. Such a law!

More Reasons Why Rental Companies are Afraid of Teen Drivers

Read about the basics of car rental in our previous article.


Speedy cars are not recommended for young drivers. That’s rather bad idea! Seriously, speedy driving is one of the most popular factors that cause a car accident. Young drivers can be characterized as hot and speedy! If you are a speedster, you can’t rent a car or limit your speed. There are special speed limits for teens to protect cars and drivers from accidents. Also, it is recommended to use safety belts! It’s not that you are a bad driver! You are teen driver and don’t have enough experience.

Speeding car  022


Texting and Phone Calls

Everybody knows that it is not recommended to speak by phone and drive a car. Also, it is dangerous to text to somebody and use mobile apps when you are driving. Psychology says that young people depend on their gadgets. They are always afraid to miss something important. That’s why every time they hear a messenger signal they try to answer right now and right here! You must be always in the swim of things. But it can cost you your life! If you feel you can’t control yourself, just turn off your phone when driving. Everything that distracts you from driving is dangerous.

Stress and Fatigue

Stress is a common condition and part of everyday life, study, work. Teenagers face with stress situations very often. It can be anything. You are going to pass exams, preparing for the test, or having sport competitions. Sleepless night, fatigue make you to forget you driving skills. If you feel like you’d better sleep than drive, don’t ride your car today. So, planning a long road trip, it is better to have an extra driver in your car to change places when it is needed.



Lack of Experience

Practice rocks! It is not a secret that young drivers usually do many different mistakes. It takes time to improve in driving. Experience is the best teacher and rental companies know that. They give you a chance to pick a car, but not the most expensive one to minimize their risks to get is back crashed or damaged.

There are many distractions on the road than take your attention and cause serious problems. If you are a young driver and feel like you are ready to rent a car and drive it to another state or country on your own, do it! Just learn safety rules and requirements on the site of your rental company. Don’t be surprised that additional fee is required. Also, don’t be confused with the car choice. It is not as big as you want but still you can pick a good and safe car for your journey. You know the reason WHY!

Tips to Make Your Trip Even More Special

Traveling is an experience! While you can book the nicest of hotels and visit the best tourist attractions of the place, if you don’t really embrace every moment of your tour, you’re not making the most of your stay there. Worried about traveling around town? Just book a 24 hour rental car and enjoy your holiday.

Here are 5 tips that can make your foreign trip a special one, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime:

  1. Ditch the schedule

When people travel abroad, they often have a fully planned time-table in place to ensure that they’ve covered most of the tourist spots. But keeping up with that stressful schedule is oh-so frustrating. For god’s sake, it’s a holiday!

So lay back for a bit and do what you’re in the mood for. You may want to jot down all the places that you wish to see, in advance, and pick out 2-3 items form the list that you want to do that day.

  1. Let loose

The adventures and experiences that any country has to offer are going to be unique. For this, you need to have an open mind about trying out new things. While you’re sure to have a lot of fun, you’re also going to learn a lot from your experiences.

Don’t be afraid to explore something new, you won’t regret it. It give you an opportunity to try things outside of your comfort zone.

  1. Experience the culture

You’ve never truly visited a country without totally experiencing its culture. So talk to people around, make new friend, and may be learn a word or two of the native language.

As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The world is so diverse, and that’s what makes it beautiful. Being able to learn about the way of life of another country is a blessing. So make the most of this opportunity.

  1. Go with the flow

Sometimes, an unpleasant experience is inevitable. Although it may make you feel lonely and lost in the foreign land, it often teaches you some important life lessons.

So stay positive and take things as they come. Things sometimes don’t go as planned, and that’s totally fine. The most important things is for you to have fun. After all, perfect’s too boring.


  1. Forget the responsibilities

Some people go on a vacation and don’t hesitate to open up their laptops to work. Think that’s normal? No, it’s not! Not only does it take away your vacation time but also is frustrating for the people traveling along with you. When you’re on a holiday, give yourself a break from the office drama and bask in the moment.

You’re responsibilities aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be right there when you get home. So embrace your ‘me time’, because this is the time to free your mind of anything that’s bothering you.


Visiting a foreign land can be extremely fulfilling if done right. So apply the 5 tips and use the 24 hour car rentals to make your holiday absolutely incredible.

Update on Vegas Budget Places

There’s already an article about Vegas on my blog.

Recently, I’ve discovered even more beautiful places in Vegas you can visit for cheap. Even cheaper with NU.

The Auto Collections

This is a unique museum of vintage cars. It’s located in one of the many casinos in Las Vegas – the Linq. This is just a paradise for the fans of cars, because the local exposition is presented with really very rare and old vehicles, and they are collected in one place. The museum collection has about 250 unique cars that tourists can admire.

Las Vegas, Nevada - USA

Here’s Hitler’s Mercedes, John Kennedy’s Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe’s Cadillac, as well as such truly unique cars as the Packard, which belonged to the Japanese emperor Hirohito, and Rolls-Royce, which was driven by Tsar Nicholas II in late 1914.

Admission: $9 for adults, $5 for children

Address: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Opening hours: daily 10am-6pm


Ethel M Chocolates Factory

IMG_1642 巧克力工廠.JPG

(photo by Ray Yu)

Generally, Ethel M Chocolates is a chocolate factory and a cactus garden. It’s a very original place to visit, because it’s not at all clear how Americans combine their stroll through chocolate factories and places where cacti grows. But let’s see what is offered there.

The founder of the factory is Forrest Mars Sr., who named the factory after his mother. The factory itself opened its doors in 1981, and everyone’s favorite chocolate bars Snickers and Milky Way are produced there.

Ethel M Chocolate Cactus Garden

(photo by Rosa Say)

This place is very popular among travelers, because you can see how famous bars are made, as well as buy home-made delicacies and taste sweet products.

Just next to the production hall there’s a cactus garden, which covers the area of ​​about a hectare. This is an excellent spot to admire the view of more than 300 species of cacti that grow in the American deserts, in Australia and the territories of the South American continent.

Admission: free of charge.

Address: 2 Cactus Garden Drive, Henderson.

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8.30am-4.30pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is closed


Fabulous Las Vegas: 4 Cheap But Amazing Sights to Visit


(photo by sexy Abril reyes)

Las Vegas is a fairy tale city, offering an incredible amount of entertainments, and just great places for travelers. Enchanting shows, exciting extreme attractions, the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and the Death Valley – this is only a short list of what fabulous Las Vegas can provide for you. Later, I’ve found even more such places.

However, many tourists wonder how ordinary people can relax there, since everything is very expensive in Las Vegas? Fortunately, we’ve found some interesting and affordable places to visit there. Rent a car from Enterprise at Las Vegas Airport to get to them on your own, and with minimal cost.

Death Valley National Park

Despite the fact that the park valley is the most unique place in Nevada, quite a large number of travelers simply ignore the hikes to the territory of the national park. Death Valley covers the area of ​​about 14 thousand square kilometers, and is considered to be the hottest point of the western hemisphere. In addition, it’s also the lowest point, which is often called a hot frying pan, because the valley is heated to over 50°C.

Devil's Racetrack, Death Valley National Park, California

The territory is surrounded by mountains, so a large number of birds and reptiles live there, as well as some mammal species that have managed to adapt in such hot climatic conditions.

Tourists have an amazing opportunity to visit this place, to see all its bizarre animals along with unique plant species, most of which are endemic, and can be found only there. You will be able to see how the Timbisha Indians live, because they not only managed to survive in such heat, but also grow vegetables and engage in cattle breeding, which is simply amazing. Do you want to see living stones that can move along the bottom of a dried lake? Then this place is for you.

The national park is also a very mysterious place, because in its territory you’ll find even ghost towns that are extinct after the gold rush.

Admission: $20/car

Address: California Highway 190, Death Valley National Park, CA

Opening hours: daily 8am-5pm


Hoover Dam

This is truly amazing, very large-scale construction with the height of 221 meters. Hoover Dam is located on the border of California and Nevada. Initially, the project was planned to be called Dam Boulder, but after the dam became a crossing over the Black Canyon, it was named the Hoover Dam, in honor of the current president. It was after this that the Americans began to call almost all large objects by the names of the presidents acting at the time of construction.

Hoover Dam

At the beginning of the erecting it was planned to build there an ordinary dam, which would produce electricity. But later, it was demanded that the dam should be built in an Art Deco style. Thus, today you’ll see there the clock tower, and tourists can visit the dam for free.

Admission: free of charge.

Address: 1305, Arizona Street Boulder City

Opening hours: daily 9am-6pm

Here Is What You Should Be Aware Of Before Visiting The US

Things To Be Aware Of Before Visiting USA:

While visiting the US from your native country it is imperative to be aware of some essential differences. Whether you’re going there to spend an extended vacation or only for a short trip, there are certain things that you should know beforehand. In fact, whether you rent an exotic vehicle, take part in any adventurous activity or pay a visit to an unfamiliar tourist destination, you need to abide by certain rules and regulations. Below, we will discuss the top travel tips that you should know prior to visiting the USA.


Public transport, although common in the bigger cities, is not that prevalent in the smaller towns and cities around the country. As a matter of fact, some of the smallest towns might not be blessed with any bus service at all. However, you’ll come across the subway as well as a couple of the services in and around New York and other cities. But, it will be prudent to rent a car in case you are contemplating on going to somewhere not so big within the country.

Don’t wander aimlessly in the cities

Try not to roam aimlessly while you’re in the USA without being aware of the crime rate of that particular area. Always make it a point to differentiate between a safe neighborhood and an unsafe one and venture outside accordingly. Also, try not to walk solo after sunset in some particular areas.

Try not to become sick

In fact, healthcare facilities are quite expensive in the US and, consequently, take every possible measure not to become sick while you’re in the country. If it is not feasible to maintain a good health, make sure that you are covered with some really good insurance prior to visiting the country.

Take care of the guns

While you’re in America, don’t be surprised if you find an American citizen wondering about with a gun along with him or her. Although rare, many Americans have been found to loiter around in the streets with a revolver in his pocket. Individuals might go on any organized hunting tour or perhaps visit any specific gun range for practicing shooting. You may also enroll yourself at these ranges or go for any organized hunt even without being a US citizen.

Everything is really big

In the USA, everything is quite big! The vehicles, the buildings, the food and the individuals themselves are quite big. When you go to any particular restaurant, you’ll be served meals which are larger than what you’re actually used to. Consequently, make it a point not to order any large servings of food unless you’re going to host a party.


The majority of the resorts in the US are priced by the room and not per person. If you happen to travel in a group, try to go for shared accommodation and also request for a group discount. You’ll come across accommodations of every type, ranging from motels to five-star resorts. Make sure to reserve your accommodation in advance so as to avoid the rush during the holiday season.

Things to see

You’ll come across lots of attractions in the country that will certainly provide you with the time of your life. Some of these hotspots include the following:
and so on.
In fact, there are so many destinations to choose from that it is quite natural for any tourist to become overwhelmed after arriving in the country. Consequently, try to plan in advance and make a list of all the places you like to visit in the country.


Try to make your journey to the US a hassle-free one irrespective of whether you happen to be a domestic traveler or an international tourist. Planning in advance will help you to avoid lots of headaches while visiting the country and provide you with a complete peace of mind. However, bear in mind to rent an exotic vehicle while traveling in one of the big cities like New York or New Orleans so as to spice up your experience to the fullest.